MyChina is a Company for those
people who are seaching for
challenge. No matter who you are -
Student, Parent, Partner or
Stakeholder - MyChina is willing to
help you to change for the better
your life and life of your family.
1000 people already made this
decision and linked their lives with
our Company and China, and we
will be happy to celebrate together
when you’ll deside to join us!
About MyChina Company

MyChina is a company that represents interests of Education Scholarships Company Ltd with offices in Hong Kong and Nanjing (Head office: Nanjing, China Financial office: Hong Kong, China)

MyChina is the largest Educational Center in CIS sending students to study in China on bachelor, master and PhD programs.
History of Mychina

MyChina Company was founded in Almaty (Kazakhstan) in August 20, 2010 by young and ambitious entrepreneur Miras Sagnaev.
Company started up as a center for learning Chinese language. As a graduate of one of the most prestigious universities in China (University of Sun Yat-Sen), Miras realized upcoming prospects of cooperation with China arising from development of bilateral relations between CIS countries and China.

He knew that the quality of education in China is very high and he had a desire to help people to get an education in this country. So that when they’ll return after education they will change their lives, the lives of their loved ones and using gained knowledge they will be able to raise their country's economy to the higher level.

Guided by an overwhelming desire to help as much families as possible it was decided that the main focus of the Company will be on sending to study in China by scholarship to make high quality education accessible to everyone.
Agreements of cooperation were signed with best Universities in China to provide scolarships and first students from Kazakhstan were sent in 2010. In the period from 2010 to 2014 Comany developed a lot, great research work for Universities was done. As a result we achieved growing interest of population to the services provided by our Company.

Thanks to the deep vision and goal orientation of the founders of the Company and its employees, there is probably no such a student left who does not know about MyChina.
Our achievements

We are number 1 in the world by the volume of distributed scholarships: in 2014 we distributed 500 scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctorate programs;

We are number 1 in the CIS by the number of students sent to study in China: 2015 year we will send more than 1000 people;

Number 1 in the CIS by universities pool: we cooperate with the 50 best universities in China
Our goal

To become the largest company in the world in field of education in China by 2020

Our mission

We are fully responsible for making education abroad available for millions of families around the world, so their children could get excellent education, learn new language, see different world, change themselves, find best job and change their life, life of their families and lives of other people who live now and for generations to come!

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